P-DTR® Advanced San Francisco - All Modules

San Francisco, Begins October 19-22, 2018

Join us for the continuation of your P-DTR training experience in San Francisco.

You'll build on your previous knowledge from the Intermediate series, to include a detailed understanding of:

Module 1

  • Tongue dysfunctions
  • Organ dysfunctions
  • Iliocecal valve and Enterogastric reflexes
  • Neurological tooth & Spondylogenic reflexes
  • Baroreceptors and Alkylosis
  • Lymphatic System
  • Krebs cycle and Metabolism of fatty acids

Module 2

  • Neuroanatomy & Cranial nerves
  • Basal Ganglia & Limbic system
  • Primitive & Postural reflexes
  • Peripheral Nerves

This will greatly influence your ability to get even better, faster results with a broader range of your clients.


Module 1: October 19-22

Module 2: November 16-19


Class Curriculum

Your Instructor

Carl Alexander
Carl Alexander

My health-consciousness began as a very young child when I was confronted with years of undiagnosed abdominal pain. My passion grew as I saw the connection between my own health practices and my performance on the soccer field. I graduated with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and worked as a personal fitness trainer for 15 years while continuing to develop my skills in addressing pain and the obstacles to maximum health and physical performance.

I founded San Francisco Integrative Massage with the mission of providing a comprehensive approach to wellness, healing, and physical achievement. My approach addresses the root causes of pain and dysfunction by incorporating therapeutic massage, manual and neurological pain relief techniques, and fitness training. P-DTR® is central to my practice and provides a systematic assessment of clients’ dysfunction and a method for treating it neurologically.

When I came across P-DTR and sought treatment for my own chronic neck pain, I was astounded by the immediacy of relief I felt and pursued my own certification in the method. I have observed rapid and permanent results in clients for conditions such as back pain, repetitive strain injury, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, TMJ dysfunctions, trigger points, food intolerances, trigeminal neuralgia and post-concussive syndrome.

I am increasingly motivated to share this treatment and and its benefits. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice and teach others such an innovative and effective technique.

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P-DTR® Advanced San Francisco - Module 1
San Francisco, Begins October 19-22, 2018
Carl Alexander
P-DTR® Advanced San Francisco - Module 2
San Francisco, Begins November 16-19, 2018
Carl Alexander

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Please see the course date over the image at the top of the page :-)
Where is the course located?
601 California St. @ Kearney, suite 607
Do I get access to the entire course online - before we start?
No - you get access to some of the recommended reading, and particular course content, before the course. You then get full access to the course content online for re-study on the day you start the course in person.
What if I need to cancel the course?
Easy! Simply contact us within 30 days before the course begins and we will give you a full refund, minus a 2% card transaction fee. Why the transaction fee? It literally costs us 2% of your course fee to be able to do the transaction online. Unlike a product, we can't get that back. It's OK though, should you choose to take the course at a later date - we'll credit you that same transaction fee.